The Handu Steel Manufacturing Process of Cold Drawn Tube (DOM TUBE)

The COLD DRAWN TUBE(DOM TUBE) is one of the best types of the tube that many automotive and mechanical uses today. This tube has high precisely, which means it can fit the exact size that the customer want. It is used in places that require accurate size, such as automotive parts. In addition to Korea`s Hyundai and Kia Motors, we are supplying our tubes for their parts to many automotive companies such as VOLVO, TESLA, TOYOTA, NISSAN, GM and so on. Also tubes are used in many places including furniture, exercise equipment, and so on. One of the most demanding markets of this tube is South Korea. Among many companies that produce cold drawn tube, there is one that we can say as the top player. This company is HANDU STEEL.

In order to create the cold drawn tube(DOM TUBE) in the highest quality, Handu Steel uses several stages of the production process.

ERW steel pipe processing - HANDU STEEL directly purchases COIL from POSCO and HYUNDAI STEEL. and producing RAW MATERIAL (ERW PIPE) our own plant(Jinju 1st plant). This is mother material of the cold drawn tube(DOM TUBE).
Pointing - Then, for COLD DRAWING, form the end of the tube.
Heat treatment - Heat is applied in order to create different hardness for each tube. This process creates different types of tubes that match with what customers want.
Surface treatment - This is the step for flushing, acid process, and filming process are applied. And, there is another process as well, which is the drawing oil. This is an important step for the next process, the cold drawing process.
Drawing - The tube that has been processed at room temperature. The drawing machine starts to pull the tube in order to create the size and shape through dies and plug that they want. This process creates a uniform size for each product.
Straightening - In this step, the tube is processed, so it will be perfectly in straight shape.
Cutting - Just like its name, this process cut the tube into several lengths that match with the customer needs.
E.C.T (Eddy Current Test) - This process is the most important step before the cold drawn tube(DOM TUBE) is shipped and sold to the customer. Using the ECT machine, the production team will check each of the products to find the smallest defect that might be existed. If they found it, they will label that product as a failure and it won't go out from the factory. Only perfect and no-defect product is going out of the factory and shipped to the customer.
Last check - this is another check that becomes the job of the quality control team. Basically, in manufacturing cold drawn tube(DOM TUBE), Handu Steel uses two stage of quality check, in order to provide best-quality product for the customer.
The manufacturing process of the cold drawn tube(DOM TUBE) is quite long, isn't it?
Therefore, Handu Steel also operating more than one factory for manufacturing center, in order to create the product and fulfill the customer demands. Currently, this company has and operates two manufacturing plant, which is Dangjin Plant and Jinju 2nd (Sabong) Plant. Each of these plants has complete facilities to process every step that's explained above. Therefore, the production speed is quite high. And, it makes this company become one of the top cold drawn tube(DOM TUBE) manufacturers in South Korea.